The demand of aluminum industry in 2012 was increased by 5%
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The demand of aluminum industry in 2012 was increased by 5%

  The Aluminum Association from the North America has released the retrospect of aluminum industry in 2012. And as known to all, the Aluminum Association is the most comprehensive information channel in the North America area. Data from this retrospect shows that the demand of aluminum in America and Canada has increased steadily in the last three years because there have got great development among both transportation and construction market.
  In 2012, the demand of aluminum products in the North America has increased by 5.1%, with the amount is 23.7 billions pounds. And the supply of aluminum products has increased 2.1%, with the amount is 24.6 billions pounds. With the rapid growth of automobile production, the aluminum products in transportation has increased by 14.2% with the amount is 71pounds. And the aluminum products has increased by 6.2% for construction and 7.9% for electricity market (including cable and wires) while the amount of shipment of containers and packing industry has declined by 2%. The shipment of semi-finished products and mill products has increased by 4.2% with the amount is 16.2 billions pounds when compared with the data of last year.
  This is a document which can be used as educational material for the who is perform the related work, such as industry insiders, economic analysts, government organization, students and the public. It is mainly divided into five parts: supporting, shipment, market, international trade and the global set of statistics.  It offers the data of shipment, market , supply and international trade in America and Canada, with its main content are words and graphs .    
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