How to Buy Aluminum Windows and Doors?
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How to Buy Aluminum Windows and Doors?


                                                                               When consumers buy aluminum windows and doors, they should ensure that the quality is good. Door and window is a security guarantee for home. Aluminum windows and doors are loved by many families with unique product advantages, so how to buy aluminum windows and doors also becomes the problem everyone must face. How to satisfied good quality aluminium doors and windows among a wide variety of products? In the following article, we will teach you four best ways to purchase aluminum windows and doors.

1. See the price
Typically, the price of high quality aluminum windows and doors is about 30% more expensive than low-grade aluminum alloy doors due to high production costs. Some aluminum alloy doors and windows whose wall thickness is only 0.6-0.8 mm, their tensile strength and yield strength are below the relevant national standards, which have a serious safety hazard. In addition, there are many small private businesses processing aluminum windows and doors, they do not know the structural characteristics and properties of aluminum windows and doors. In order to reduce the cost and cut corners, shoddy products, which generally should not be used. Therefore, it is recommended that you use the aluminum windows and doors products from regular manufacturers.

2. Look processing
Superior quality aluminum windows and doors products are finely processed, exquisitely installed, good sealing performance, switch freely. However, poor quality aluminum windows and doors blindly select aluminum profile series and specifications, processing shoddy, to replace the sawing machining with milling machining, not installing according to the requirement, poor sealing performance, the switch is not smooth, there is not only rain and wind leaking, but also glass breakage phenomenon. Seriously, when encountered strong winds and external influences, the push-pull part or glass are easy to be scraped, this destroys items and hurts people.

3. Look materials
The aluminium profile used by high quality aluminum windows and doors, should conform to the relevant standards in thickness, strength and oxidation film, the wall thickness should be 1.2 mm or more, tensile strength reaches 157 Newtons per square millimeter, the yield strength reaches 108 Newton every mm, the oxide film thickness should be 10 microns. If the aluminum windows and doors you buy don’t reach the above criteria, they are inferior products, which should not be used.

4. Look the performance
The emphasis is different since the performance of aluminum windows and doors is different, but usually we have to consider the following aspects:
1) Strength: mainly reflected in the aluminum window profiles selected materials, to see whether it can withstand high pressure.
2) Air tightness: mainly reflected in the structure of aluminum windows and doors, whether the inner fan and frame structure of windows and doors is tight, and whether the aluminum outdoor windows are tight and unventilated.
3) Watertight: mainly test whether the aluminum window and doors have the water and leakage phenomenon.
4) Sound insulation: hollow glass sound insulation effects and other special soundproof airtight structure and the opening and closing of power, heat insulation, nylon guide wheel durability, and the durability of other doors and windows accessories.

The quality of aluminum windows and doors is just the first step for the purchase of aluminum doors and windows, the maintenance for aluminum windows and doors in daily life should be carried out properly, to ensure the period of use.                                                                            

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