Aluminum extrusion profiles six items that should be paid attention when aging
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Aluminum extrusion profiles six items that should be paid attention when aging


1. As far as possible when aluminum profile aging according to the material, thickness, size, hardness requirements, performance requirements aluminum profile similar to the same place in the same furnace for aging treatment. Limitation of aluminum to strictly in accordance with this furnace profiles corresponding to the aging process for strict operation, shall not, without change, shall not be perfunctory.

2. Observe the circulation fan, cooling water, and closely observe the ignition heating, heating furnace error, speed of heating furnace, heat preservation, and pay attention to the rise and fall of oven door and sealing.

3. The high temperature combustion environment of oil, gas leaks, ventilation situation, pay attention to safety.

4. Lifting loading frame note falling material, pay attention to the traffic and feed box with own safety distance.

5. Aluminum stranded personnel is strictly forbidden in aging furnace, must enter the furnace operation must be corresponding protection, and there must be adults watch out protection. Brought in furnace to eliminate flammable explosive, it is strictly prohibited to used for baking, heating, sleep and other non-productive purposes.

6. Different processing requirements of the profile may not material and aluminium frame, should according to the after processing requirements, together with the process card (manufacturing summons) separately to each production department. Process in various forms recorded according to the facts, in order to check. Succession to account in person on duty.

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