Basic knowledge of aluminum alloy doors and Windows
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Basic knowledge of aluminum alloy doors and Windows

The definition of aluminum alloy doors and Windows
1. Aluminum alloy door: Aluminum frame made of aluminum alloy architectural aluminum profile, the door of the fan structure.
2. Aluminium alloy window: Aluminum frame made of aluminum alloy architectural aluminum profile, the window of the fan structure. Doors and Windows commonly named "model + function form", such as: 60 series inward tilt-turn window. Doors and Windows series name generally are named by the width of the aluminum frame.

Divide according to the functional forms:
1. Push-Pull: Including sliding window, sliding door, tilt and slide doors, lift sliding door.
2. Flat open: Including inside flat open, outside flat open, inward tilt-turn window, top-hung window, hopper window. 
3. Folding doors and windows.

The characteristics of aluminum alloy doors and Windows
Compare with wooden decorative doors and windows as well as the gradually eliminated common hollow steel or solid web steel doors and windows, aluminium windows and doors have outstanding usability, that the wind pressure strength performance, the air permeability, the rain leakage performance, air acoustic sound insulation performance, heat insulation performance and open/close performance of aluminium windows and doors can all reach the national standard.  And because of the characteristic of the aluminum alloy material, so that processing-production, aluminium profile assembling and products installed can achieve higher precision, offer important and necessary conditions to the building energy-saving design of retaining structures and the standard of safety in use.

Aluminium alloy window compared with model steel window
1. Differences in class: Aluminum alloy hot broken window and the model steel windows are suitable for different construction of consumer groups, statistics show that model steel window is suitable for low-rise housing in general, usually the product of this class of consumers to the product quality requirement is not very high, while the high-performance break hot aluminium alloy window suitable for all kinds of height, all kinds of class buildings, and life performance and quality, will stand up to high standard test.
2. Differences in performance: The energy-saving effect is similar, but due to the difference of material, model steel window is prone to deformation after use for a period of time, sealing performance inferior to high performance aluminum alloy window.
3. Differences in life span: Because the difference is big in the strength of the material, elasticity modulus and wear-resisting property, high performance aluminum alloy window lifespan often greater than the service life of model steel window.
4. The difference of price: Generally speaking, high performance price of aluminium alloy window are usually more expensive than the model steel window. But in the long run, although the price of high performance aluminum alloy window is high, but can use numbers of years long; The model steel window though price is cheap, but the short service life. Thus, comprehensive price is fairly. In conclusion, High performance aluminum alloy window is much more competitive advantage.


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