October 26 Jinlan Outreach Activity in Xinyinzhan Holiday Village
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October 26 Jinlan Outreach Activity in Xinyinzhan Holiday Village

   In October 26, the staff of Jinlan Group have been to the Xinyinzhan Holiday Village in Qing Xuan City, to participate the annual outreach activity. It aims to build up and consolidate the corporate culture., promote the cooperation among the staff, incentive the positivity of the employee at work. And at the same time, Jinlan has gone through a history of 30 years. this outreach activity reflects the appreciation from the corporation and the staff to each other.
   This activity runs from 11:00am to 8:00 pm. During the whole process, the instructors lead the staff to play three significate games, from which people learn the corporate culture more impressive. These three games includes the Decisive Battle, Challenge to 99 seconds, Journey of Life.  
   From the first game its not difficult to find that each performs its function is very important in a company and the steadfast leadership is essential in the development of an corporation. 
   Then about the challenge to 99 seconds, the staff learn that the adjustment in time will help the corporation get used to the business environment because the business environment changes every second. Thus the leaders should recognise the change of the business environment and should consider how to make the corporation survive in the changeful business environment.
   When it turns to the Journey of Life. People have to cooperate with their partners closely. There are two role to act, one is a deaf and the other is a blind. They walk through an uneven path, they come across upstairs and downstairs, barriers and obstacles. After that all of us learn that the cooperation is very important in teamwork. And do not forget the people help you when you are in trouble. Because appreciation will push both the corporation and the employee to move ahead.
   It is a meaningful activity that its unique copy for everybody. Because we learn the powerful cohesion of Jinlan Group. And we are believe that Jinlan Group, a steady and creative group will lead us to meet a brighter future!

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