The Advantage of High Strength Industrial Aluminum Extrusion Profiles
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The Advantage of High Strength Industrial Aluminum Extrusion Profiles

  1. The aluminum production process is simple: Simply design, cut/drilling, combination can be complete; Traditional materials should pass design, often cut off/drilling, welding, sandblasting surface treatment, surface coating and complex process.

  2. The material can be used: Due to the use of industrial aluminum parts in the entire production process without welding, so the parts can be easily removed, all materials and accessories can be repeated use; The traditional materials due to cut deformation and the reason such as the high cost of dismantling the fact rarely repeated use.

  3. Save time: Because of its simple production process, can save a lot of Labour cost; Especially when rework due to making mistake, than using traditional materials can save hours of several times.

  4. Making high precision: Material in the production process without welding, no deformation, so the assembly precision is high; , using hot welding of traditional materials are inevitable to appear deformation, which may effect the precision of final assembly.

  5. Look gorgeous: Use of industrial aluminum extrusion profiles equipment more modern appearance, its unique anodic oxidation coating more solid and stable than the existing various coating method.

  Several significant advantages of extruded aluminium profiles while compared with other machining methods

  Less machining: due to the complexity of aluminum alloy can be pressed to any section, therefore, as long as the design is reasonable, the aluminum profile extrusion material can easily be assembled, thus reducing the machining requirements. Some shapes could be attained only by squeezing, and could not be achieved through other process.

  Aluminum extrusion die cost is low, competition with other material of rolling molding, casting, forging, such as aluminum extrusion mould cost is low.

  Structure of high efficiency: aluminum alloy extrusion profiles can realize the structure of the maximum efficiency. In the need to increase the strength of the place you can use the name profiles, don't need to remove the aluminum.

  Light weight: aluminum extrusion profiles light weight, high strength, and durable. Competition due to aluminum and other materials performance differences, achieve the same effect of the weight of the structure of aluminum is only about half the other metal structure, and other metal is not easy to processing.

  Surface treatment effect, and strong corrosion resistance: through powder or electrophoretic coating, designers can implement any desired colour. Of course also includes natural silver or colored anodized.

  Less maintenance: aluminum is a kind of natural and durable metal, and the surface treatment is further enhanced its durability.

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