The Characteristics of the Aluminum Profiles
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The Characteristics of the Aluminum Profiles


Resistance to corrosion
The density of aluminum profile is only 2.7g per cubic centimeter, about a third of the density of steel, copper or brass (respectively 7.83g per cubic centimeter, 8.93g per cubic centimeter). In most conditions, included in the air, water (or salt water), oil chemistry and many chemical system, aluminum can display excellent corrosion resistance.

Electrical conductivity
Aluminum profile has often been chosen due to its good conductivity. On the basis of equal weight, the electrical conductivity of aluminum is nearly twice the copper.

Thermal conductivity of rate
The thermal conductivity of aluminum alloy is about 50-60% of copper, it is benefit to manufacture heat exchanger, evaporator, heating appliances, pots and pans, the automobile cylinder head and radiator.

Aluminum extrusion profile is non-ferrousmagnetic, this is an important characteristic of the electrical industry and electronic industry. Aluminum can not spontaneous combustion, this is important to the involve the application of loading and unloading or contact with flammable materials.

Can machine processability
Can machine processability of aluminum is excellent. Among various kinds of deformation aluminum alloy and cast aluminum alloy, and in the various states after these alloy output, the changes of the machining features are considerable, this will require a special machine tool or technology.

Specific tensile strength, yield strength, extensibility and the corresponding rate of work hardening dominates the change of allowed deformation.

Aluminum has a very high recovery, the properties of the recycled aluminum and primary aluminum almost has no difference.

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