The demand of aluminum profiles in transit file become greater in China
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The demand of aluminum profiles in transit file become greater in China

  The alumium profiles can be divided into the architectural aluminum profiles and the industrial aluminum profiles by their different applications. The architectural aluminum profiles is applied to all kinds of the civilian building field and commercial building field. While the industrial aluminum profiles are mainly used in any other industrial files besides building field, among which transportation and electromechanical equipment are the main consumer sectors.
  At present, the architectural file is still the main consumer sector of aluminum profile in domestic market, and the proportion is over 60%. However, with the change of the consumer structure, the need of the aluminum profiles in industrial file develops faster and faster. The proportion grow from 31% in2008 to 38% now, among which the growth of consumption in transportation is the most obvious, especially the growth in rail transit file. It becomes the most important push of increasing the demand of aluminum profiles.
  The quantity of transport vehicles grow steadily with the growth of mileage of metro. In 2012, the inventory of urban rail and subway reaches 13,700, its 4.8 times of which in 2006. And the metro vehicles are about 12,800. At the same time, the inventory of urban rail vehicles per mile grow from 4.41 in 2006 to 6 in 2012. The main reason is that with the growth of the traffic route of urban railway in different cities, different rail transits gradually become a net, making the advantages of the rail transit obviously. Thus, the demand of rail vehicles become stronger and stronger with the great growth of passenger flow volume in rail vehicles.
  According to an Analysis Report of 2014-2018 China Aluminum Industry Market Demand Forecast and Investment Strategy Planning, the Research Institute of Industry forecast that in 2014, the consumption of aluminum profiles in rail transit file will be 160,000 tons in 2014, 220,000 tons in 2016 and 350,000 tons in 2020.
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