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The new trend and challenge of doors and windows aluminums in China
                                                                                   The new trend and challenge of doors and windows aluminums in China 
  The subsequent processing capability of aluminum extrusion corporation is generally not so strong in China. And the deep processing of the aluminum extrusion is less than 30%. By now,  mainly in aluminum doors and windows, the aluminum extrusion services the primary market of aluminum extrusion. We need to strengthen the technology and facility of aluminum extrusion in order to continually extend the production chain, to bring up the added value of products.
  Although China is a big supplier of construction aluminum extrusion, it is not so good at service of integrated system. What’s more, there few corporation possess its own system service.
  Now the situation in China is that , there are many corporations producing aluminum extrusion is in low concentration of capacity and output with serious homogenization production trend and simple development strategy and marketing positioning.
  Though with high level of aluminum extrusion equipment, those corporations still need to import the imported equipment since there is still a long distance to produce the high-end aluminum reverse extrusion on their own when compared with the western advanced industrial countries.
  With the rapid process of west development and urbanization in the mid-west China, the weight of capital construction scale will shift to the mid-west cities in the future in China. Those who focus on producing the construction windows and doors aluminum extrusion will be depend on the consumption of aluminum extrusion in mid-west cities in China.
  To get release from the restriction of transportation of aluminum extrusion, the corporations producing aluminum extrusion in coastal region will build their factories in the mid-west cities. Represented by the Xingfa Aluminum, Yazhou Aluminum and Huangchang Aluminum in Nanhai Guangdong Province, they build their factories in those mid-west cities as Sichuan, Chongqing, Jiangxi, Guangxi, Anhui, Hubei, Hunan Province.

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