Aluminium Curtain Wall Introduction
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Aluminium Curtain Wall Introduction


Aluminum curtain wall has been dominant in the metal curtain wall, lightweight material, reduce the load of building and choose for high-rise building provides a good condition; Waterproof, anti-fouling, corrosion resistant performance is good, guarantees the building exterior surface lasting new long; Processing, transportation, installation, construction is easy to implement, provides strong support for its widespread use; The diversity of color and can be combined into the appearance of different shapes, expand the architect's design space; High performance and low cost, easy maintenance, long service life, accord with the requirement of owner. Therefore, aluminum curtain wall, as a kind of extremely rich wallop of architectural form, popularity.

Used in the aluminum curtain wall surface material has the following four, (1) aluminum composite panels (2) single aluminum plate (3) honeycomb aluminum plate (4) sandwich insulation aluminum plate, current usage, the larger is the first three, since can choose a variety of surface materials, their differences existed before.

Aluminum curtain wall act the role ofing is all sorts of building external walls, the lobby facade, column, elevated corridors, pedestrian bridge, elevator package edge, balcony packaging, advertising signs, the adornment of indoor alien condole top, is a large and modern high-rise buildings with commonly used adornment effect of lightweight wall.

The composition and structure of aluminum curtain wall
Aluminum curtain wall is a metal decorative panels, fittings, metal frame, embedded parts, seals, and rubber joint, etc. Aluminium curtain wall systems construction and stone curtain wall are basically the same. Its installation method are installed directly type and skeleton type two kinds. Unlike stone curtain wall structure aluminum panel adopt the method of folding and vice frame assembly, then install.

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