Aluminum Doors and Windows Processing Craft
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Aluminum Doors and Windows Processing Craft


1. Broken bridge aluminum doors and Windows processing production should be carried out inside the factory, not be made in the construction site, windows and doors production should comply with the design and break hot aluminum alloy doors and windows installation and acceptance specification requirements, pieces of aluminium alloy door and aluminium window frame should be installed solid doors and Windows should push and pull, open flexibly, windowsill place shall have the drainage hole, and should be set limit device. Fasteners shall comply with the provisions of the relevant technical regulations; Hardware type, specification and performance shall comply with the provisions of the current national standard.

2. The drainage holes of push-pull window way processing should be followed the principle of inside fan outside the hole, outside fan inside the hole, to ensure the sealing performance of doors and windows, especially under the horizontal toward the push-pull window of wool top level.

3. The broken bridge aluminium window and door manufacturers before assembly, the end machining burrs should be removed, end node and the integration of a profile must be taken to waterproof glue sealing measures, in order to prevent the water seepage structure.

4. The structure of the hidden frame window assembly assembly must be made in purifying indoor and curing. Must use the solvent to clear the dust, oil stains and other dirt on the surface of the glass and aluminum frame; For cleaning each component or a piece of glass, cleanly dry clean cloth should be changed; Solvents should be dumped on the clean cloth, strictly prohibit cleaning cloth in touch with the solvent bottleneck. Note glue must be full, may not appear bubbles, leakage, glue line surface should be smooth; The residual adhesive glue line shall not be reused. established a production base for manufacturing aluminium profiles, aluminium sheet and foil, plain carbon steel and galvanized steel etc, we have abundant professional technical personnel, excellent equipment; We imported the most advanced production line from German, United States, Japan and Italy. Our products have passed the ISO9001 and Germany TüV ISO9002 quality system, and we are adopting the international standard product marking certificate.

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