Aluminum Profile Processing Technology
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Aluminum Profile Processing Technology


Aluminum extrusion profile processing
Aluminum profile processing common such as screen, aluminium window, etc. It is to use an extrusion molding process, the raw material such as aluminum melt in the furnace, after extruding machine to mold flow extrusion molding, it can extruded aluminium profiles different cross-section.

Main performance or strength, hardness, wear resistance GB6063 according to the national standards. Advantages are: light weight is only 2.8, does not rust, design change quickly, low mold cost into, and the longitudinal elongation is as high as more than 10 meters. Aluminum profile processing appearance has the points of light, matte, its treatment process uses anodic oxidation treatment, surface treatment of oxide film thickness of 0.12 m/m. Aluminum processing and wall thickness according to product design optimization to select, not as thick as possible on the market, should see the cross section structure requirements for design, it can be 0.5 ~ 5 mm. Outsiders think more thick more strong, in fact is wrong.

Aluminum profile processing surface quality are difficult to overcome the defects: warping methods, deformation, black, and white line. The designer level and mold design and manufacturing process is reasonable, can avoid the defect is not obvious. Check the defect should be according to the provisions of the state inspection method, namely stadia 40 ~ 50 cm to identifying defects.

Aluminum processing application is very extensive in furniture: screen frame, all kinds of hanging beam, countertops, feet, decoration, handle, go trough and cover, seat tube, etc., can be protean design and to use!

Although aluminium extrusion profiles processing has many advantages, but there are also not ideal place for:
Without oxidation treatment of aluminum easy "rust" which can lead to performance degradation, longitudinal strength than iron products. Surface oxidation layer of abrasion resistance compare to electrodeposition easily scratched. The high cost, relatively iron products about 3 ~ 4 times higher than that of cost.

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