Caring the next generation
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Caring the next generation

Caring the next generation is not only parents and school's responsibility, but also an important embodiment of an enterprise repaying the society.The huge goal of actualizing constructing the socialism harmonic is to educateand guide teenagers to establish correct world outlook, view of life, sense of values, and cultivate all-around development socialistic successor of moral, intellectual, physical, aesthetics and labour.

Our company decided to set up a workgroup, named "Concernabout next generation" ,and the structure is as below:

Group leader: Zhou Baojuan (General Manager)

Vice-group leader: Cai Lidan (General Manager's Secretary), Chen Huimin(Director of the GM Office)

Group members:Qu Yin Jing, Huang Peimei, Liu Yanping, Tan Siyin, Wang Yue, Long Jun, Luo Junran, Zhou Youdi

Specific ceremony arrangements for "Concern about next generation" workgroup is as below:
Time: August 2, 2013 10 a.m.
Address:  large conference room in office building
Participants: district / town working committee offices’ leaders, whole Jinlan group "Concern about  next generation" workgroup members
At the same time, let’s welcome some employees from our company to participate and witness this happy and memorable moments!

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