Common Doors and Windows Aluminium Surface Treatment - Sand Blasting
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Common Doors and Windows Aluminium Surface Treatment - Sand Blasting


What's sand blast?
Using high-speed impact of sand flow to clear away and coarsening process on the surface of the aluminum matrix doors and windows. Use compressed air as power, to constitute a high speed jet beam of the spraying material (copper ore, quartz sand, emery sand, iron ore, hainan), high speed jet to workpiece which need to deal with surface, make aluminium doors and windows workpiece surface or shape happen to change, Because the abrasive effect on impact on the surface of the workpiece and cutting, to make the surface of the workpiece for cleanliness and different roughness, make the workpiece improve the mechanical properties of surface, and thus advance the fatigue resistance of the workpiece, increased the adhesion between itself and the coating, extend the durability of the coating, also be benefit to the flow of paint steep and decoration.

The effect of sand blasting
1. Plating workpiece, workpiece can adhesive pretreatment sandblasting rust on the surface of the skin and so on all doors and windows aluminum workpiece to remove dirt, and on the surface it is very important to set up the warp and woof of schema (usually the so-called hair side), but also through the exchange of different particle size of abrasive, such as flying abrasives abrasive to different degree of roughness, greatly advance the workpiece and the adhesion strength of the coating, plating materials. Or make the adhesive bonding firmer, quality is very good.

2. Casting pieces of wool surface, heat treatment after clearing up aluminum doors and windows workpiece and polishing sandblasting can tidy up all dirt on the surface of the casting, heat treatment after forging workpiece (such as scale, oil residue), and the workpiece surface roughness, polishing forward can make workpiece exposure even common nature of metal, make the surface more beautiful.

3. Machining aluminum doors and windows artifacts burr up and beautify the sandblasting surface can tidy up small burr on the surface of the workpiece, and make the surface more smooth, eliminate the dangers of the burr, advance the level of the workpiece. And sand can in workpiece surface junction with small rounded corners, make artifacts appear more beautiful, more precise.

4. Improving mechanical properties of parts, mechanical parts after sandblasting, can occur in the doors and windows aluminum profiles parts surface evenly slim concave and convex surface, the lubricating oil storage, so that improve lubrication condition, and noise reduction on mechanical life spans.

5. Finishing effect on some special use artifacts, sandblasting freely over different reflective or inferior smooth. Such as stainless steel workpiece, plastic grinding, polishing jade, inferior smooth, and wooden furniture surface markings on the surface of the ground glass picture, and roughen the processing on the surface of the fabric.

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