Extruded Aluminum Profile Products Process System can not be Ignored
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Extruded Aluminum Profile Products Process System can not be Ignored


Generally speaking, good enterprise production system and process, not only can improve the production efficiency, but also can better control the quality of aluminium profile products. As an industrial aluminium extrusion profiles company, higher requirements on the precision of the product, so good system process is particularly important.

The same aluminum ingots, the same production equipment, the same chemical raw materials, the same process, why produce different quality products? Management is most important. Work management lags behind, workers heart instability, irresponsible, only the pursuit of production, do not take the quality, for example originally need 8 hours melting and casting, but only 5 hours got finished; Knowing that there is something wrong with the mould, and then he pushed his way out, all of these affect the quality of the products. Therefore, system and process in the aluminum production is very important.

First of all, enterprises need customer's product drawings or samples, in order to understand the product size, whether it has extrusion difficulties or not, and how to control it. Both parties confirm mould manufacturing drawings can be arranged.

Second, aluminium profile hot extrusion mould is different from general machinery parts processing, it is a kind of process design between machining and press working. Besides what should refer to the principle of mechanical processing required to follow, still need to consider under the condition of the hot extrusion of various technological factors. Mould need for heating after finish design, at the same time aluminium bar should be heated to the temperature needed for extrusion, then extruded the sample.

And then, the semi-finished product samples required by technical personnel to carefully inspection of surface size, if not qualified, should formulate detailed mold repair plan, after being confirmed, can undertake mold design again.

Wait until the sample qualified, must carry on the artificial straightening, to ensure that the product has good straightness. Cutting after straightening.

Product limitation is important, aging time generally between 8 to 10 hours, to ensure that the aluminum extrusion profiles have good hardness, For the need of bending products, such as aluminium tube, hardness usually below Webster's 10 degrees, the best material for 6063 grade.

After these series of procedures, surface treatment is according to the customer's requirements, for example, oxidation, spraying, polishing and so on, then finished products inspection again after surface treatment, including size position tolerances, surface scratch, hardness test, etc., after the qualified proofing then send the sample to the customer.

Wait until the customer confirmation for bulk extrusion production, all the production finished, sawing, inspection, pick out the qualified products for packaging, packaging to ensure no damage in transit.

In the process of production flow, push to put according to the regional, prevent the magnetic scratches and surface contamination.

Quality inspection personnel should be ready for warranty, test standards, production test table, drawings, inspection records and other related documents, if the customer have a requirement, must provide raw materials spectrum detection provement.

The last is waiting for the customer delivery notification. Customers in the process of using the extruded aluminium profiles, after-sales service must be timely and accurate processing and solve problems, for the problems and requirements of our clients, to do the detailed arrangement in time. Make sure to avoid later in production.

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