How to choose the aluminium doors and windows
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How to choose the aluminium doors and windows

The quality of aluminium windows and doors can roughly judge in a selection of raw materials (aluminum), aluminum surface treatment and internal processing quality, the price of aluminium windows and doors, etc.

First look at the materials. High quality aluminum used in the aluminum doors and windows, thickness, intensity and oxidation film, etc, should comply with the regulations of relevant national standards, aluminium window main stress bar wall thickness should be in 1.4 millimeter above, aluminium door profiles main stress bar wall thickness should be in 2.0 millimeter above, tensile strength of millimeter of every square metre 157 Newton, the yield strength to achieve every square millimeter 108 Newton, oxidation film ply should achieve 10 micron. If the standard does not reach above, it is inferior aluminium alloy doors and windows, cannot use.

Second see the processing. High-quality aluminum doors and windows, fine processing, installation of exquisite, sealed performance is good, switch freely. Inferior aluminum alloy doors and windows, choose aluminium profiles series and norms blindly, processing manufactured in a rough way, use saw cutting replaces mill treatment, not according to the requirements for installation, sealed performance is poor, the switch does not freely, Not only the rain and air leak and occur glass blast crack phenomenon, but also blow the push-pull part or glass fall or touch fall easily when encountered strong winds and external force, destroy content and hurt people.

Third look at the price. In general, high-quality aluminum doors and windows for the production cost is high, price is around 30% higher than inferior aluminium doors and windows. Some of the aluminium doors and windows made from aluminium profiles which the wall thickness from 0.6 to 0.8 millimeter, tensile strength and yield strength is much lower than the relevant state standards, using very insecure. In addition, aluminum doors and windows of individual household is more, they do not know the structure characteristics and properties of aluminum doors and windows. In order to reduce cost jerry-build, shoddy, the hidden trouble of the product is bigger, should not be commonly used. Had better choose the products from standard aluminium window and door manufacturers. Here are special instructions: national standards of profile thickness is 1.4 mm, if the supplier selection is 1.2 mm or 1.0 mm wall thickness or even thinner material, are substandard products, please pay attention to them when choose and buy.

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