How to Improve the Quality of Production of Aluminum Shell
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How to Improve the Quality of Production of Aluminum Shell

  How to improve the quality of production of aluminum profiles shell? This will need to find out the essential reason, to solve the fundamental problem.

  If you want to improve the quality of the aluminum profiles shell you should find out the reasons affecting the quality of aluminum shell, first, because under the condition of high temperature casting production, the production speed of aluminum shell is so quickly, the intensity of cooling is large, lead to some of the elements in the alloy can't change to the needed elements within the regulation time. Because there is articular constituent exist in this material and the hardness is higher, low plasticity. And the tensile strength of this types of manufacturing process is low, not only appear yellow rust under high temperature condition, but also have the appearance of cracks.

  On this way, the production of aluminium profiles shell will exist particle burr, if you don't clean up the burr, there will be bad handle feeling, beside the particles often along with tadpole shape trailing, it will be observed under the microscope, and the impurities present the color of gray color, contains a lot of iron element.

  Some impurities in aluminum shell will affect the revolve of entire shell, aluminum shell in the process of casting, it will because of refining is not enough, soil, refining agent, covering agent, powder coating and oxide film impurities all mix into the shell which reduce the quality of the aluminum shell. As long as we improve the craft technique on the above several aspects and then reduce the probability of appearing impurities it will improve the quality of aluminum shell to a great extent.

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