Some Problems Should Pay Attention in Aluminum Curtain Wall Application
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Some Problems Should Pay Attention in Aluminum Curtain Wall Application


1. The curtain wall system ability of resistance to deformation
Of the curtain wall system must perform for each important part science and mechanics calculation, consider the influence of such as earthquake, typhoon, weight of wind pressure, and temperature effect on the aluminium curtain wall systems, make a careful check to embedded parts, Connectionist Systems, MATEL SUPPORT ASSEMBLIES, panel, and fasteners, to ensure the safety of the curtain wall.

2. Plates adopted floating connection or not
Floating connection to ensure the recovery ability after curtain wall deformation, to ensure the integrity of the curtain wall, doesn't make the curtain wall deformation caused by forces, avoid bulge or sunken condition  of curtain wall surface.

3. The plate fixed way
The fixed mode of the plate plays a decisive role on the installation of plate flatness. The different stress of the each fixed point of the plate will cause the surface deformation of the material and influence the exterior decoration effect, so the fixed way of the plate must use distance compress fixed way, to ensure that the aluminium curtain wall surface roughness.

4. The composite material surface material down side reinforcement measures
Because of flanging of composite panel materials only retained the positive plate thickness, the thickness become thin, strength reduction, so pull down the edge must have a reliable reinforcement measures.

5. The back of aluminium sheet stiffener is reasonable setting, to increase the surface strength and stiffness
The layout distance of stiffener and the strength and stiffness itself must meet the requirements, to ensure the use function and safety of curtain wall.

6. Waterproof sealing way is reasonable
Many waterproof sealing ways, waterproof structure, internal waterproof, glue sealing, different way of sealing the price also is not the same, choose a suitable sealing methods used in engineering, ensure that the function of the curtain wall and the effect of exteriors decoration.

7. Choose materials whether meet the specification, standards and design requirements
At present, all kinds of building materials are full of construction market, the quality of the materials are also different, choose the qualified materials, is the foundation of guarantee the quality of curtain wall, must adopt strict inspection means and methods to guarantee the quality of material.

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