The Advantage of Aluminium Curtain Wall Manufacturer
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The Advantage of Aluminium Curtain Wall Manufacturer


The introduction of aluminium curtain wall surface material and the performance comparison
Used in the aluminium sheet curtain wall surface material has the following four, (1) aluminium composite panels. (2) Single aluminium sheet manufacturer. (3) Honeycomb aluminium plate. (4) Sandwich insulation aluminium plate. At present which has the larger usage amount is the first three, since there are a variety of surface materials can choose, there are differences between them.

The advantages of the aluminium curtain wall as overall have the follows:
1. Aluminium curtain wall has good rigidity, in light weight, high strength. Aluminium veneer curtain wall plate has good corrosion resistant function; fluorocarbon paint can be up to 25 years fastness.
2. Aluminium curtain wall has good technical. Choose processing before painting technology, aluminium plate can be processed into plane, arc and spherical surface etc. varieties of clutter geometrical shapes.
3. Aluminium curtain wall is not easy to tarnish, facilitate cleaning and maintenance. The non-adhesion function of fluorocarbon coatings film, make its appearance difficult to adhere pollutant, further have favorable cleanability.
4. Aluminium curtain wall installation and construction are convenient and faster. Aluminium sheet shape in the factory, in the construction site it does not need to trim, just a brief fixed.

Aluminium curtain wall can be recycled, is better for the environment. Aluminium plate can be 100% recovery, recover the higher value. Aluminium curtain wall systems texture common, colour and lustre is rich and lasting, and appearance shape can be diversification, and be able to perfectly connect with glass curtain wall materials and stone curtain wall materials. Its perfect appearance, good quality, make it highly popular with the owner, its light weight, is only one fifth of the marble, a third of the glass curtain wall, dramatically reduce the carrying capacity of the building structure and foundation, and the protection cost is low, functionality quotation rate is high.

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