The aluminum profile welding standard
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The aluminum profile welding standard

Welding method
Almost every kind of welding method can be used for welding of aluminium and aluminium alloy, aluminium and aluminium profile adaptability to all kinds of welding methods, various welding methods have their own applications. Gas welding and welding rod arc welding method, simple equipment, easy to operate. Welding can be used to welding quality requirement is not high aluminium sheet manufacturer and repair welding of casting. Welding rod arc welding can be used for repair welding of aluminum alloy castings.

Weld before preparation
1. Cleaning before welding: aluminium and aluminium alloy welding, welding should strictly before clearance joint and oxide film on the surface of the electrode and workpiece the oil;
(1) chemical cleaning chemical cleaning of high efficiency, stable quality, applicable cleaning up welding wire and the size is not big, batch production of artifacts.
(2) mechanical cleaning: in the size of bigger, longer production cycle, multi-layer welding or chemical contamination again after cleaning, mechanical cleaning is often used to. After cleaning, such as storage time is too long (e.g., more than 24 h) shall make necessary corrections.

2. The plate: aluminium profiles during high temperature strength is low, the flow of liquid aluminum performance is good, weld metal during welding prone to collapse phenomenon. In order to ensure the weld penetration and does not collapse, welding plate is used to hold the molten pool and often near the metal. Can not add one-sided welding of plate forming, but required welding operation skill or take for arc welding energy advanced technology measures such as strict automatic feedback control.

3. The preheating before welding, thin, small aluminum general need not preheating, 10 mm ~ 15 mm thickness for preheating before welding, according to the different types of aluminum alloy preheating temperature is 100 ℃ ~ 200 ℃, a available oxygen acetylene flame heating, electric furnace and burner. Preheating can reduce welding defects such as deformation, reduce pores.

Postweld treatment
1. Stay in weld after welding and the nearby residual flux and welding slag will destroy passivation membrane on the surface of the aluminium extrusion profiles, aluminum corrosion sometimes, should be cleaned up. Simple shape, average artifacts can be washed with hot water or steam blowing brush simple methods, such as clean up.
2. Heat treatment after welding aluminum container generally does not require heat treatment after welding.

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