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The Development of Vertical Powder Spraying Aluminum Profile
  The powder spraying is a dry surface treatment after the process of static electricity, the diminutive pigment is painted in the products and it become the coating then it turns to be solid-state after solidification in the curing oven.
  The powder spraying was begin in the late 1930s. And at the very beginning, people only performed the flame spraying. They covered the surface of metal with the polyethylene powder when the powder was in molten state. Till the 1950s, powder coating had a great improvement after the electrostatic fluidized bed dipping painting was invented by Germany. And the beginning of applying the powder coating is not early in our country. The first factory perform the powder coating is an aluminum profile factory in Jiangsu Province Changzhou City. It imported the Nuoxin powder coating equipment from America. With the development of the reform and opening-up policy, the powder coating technology develops rapidly in our country. In the early stage, people use the horizontal powder spraying production line. It was Japan and Italy who first promoted the vertical powder spraying production line. And after the promotion , the vertical powder spraying production line became popular. all over the world.
  Now the technology of vertical powder spraying aluminum profile turns to be more and more wally. And with its advantages of less space, less operator, better powder homogeneity, better consolidation cover, more and more factories tends to build up this kind of production line. Jinlan Group is one of them. Our company now is building the work shops of vertical powder spraying production line to meet the great need of business in powder coating aluminum profiles. And we believe that our new workshop will lead us to meet a brighter future in the market of powder spraying aluminum profile!
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