The Maintenance of Aluminum alloy Doors and Windows
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The Maintenance of Aluminum alloy Doors and Windows

Aluminum alloy doors and Windows, is refers to the doors and windows made from box, stile, fan material using the aluminum alloy extrusion profiles, short for aluminum doors and Windows . Aluminum doors and windows, including with aluminum alloy as loading bar (Inherit and pass self-respect and member of the load bar) base material and composite wood, plastic doors and windows, for short called aluminum-wood composite windows and doors, aluminum-plastic composite doors and windows.

Aluminum door profile and glass design has the branch of southern and northern. The northern aluminum consider thick, design as the main features, the most representative of the design is the lace bar style, in the lace bar the most distinctive is the michael tonge. The Southern aluminum consider the modelling diversity, designing lively as the main features, the most representative is the flower glass design, styles of beautiful case, ice sculpture, shallow carving, crystal shell, etc., the iconic factory is a new standard in Guangzhou.

1. While aluminum alloy doors and Windows in use, the movement must light, push-pull let nature take its course; Don't pull hard push while found difficulties, should be trouble shooting first. Soot formation, deformation is the main causes aluminum alloy doors and Windows difficult to get rid of the stale and bring forth the fresh, to keep the door frame clean, especially the push-pull tank clean. Available using vacuum cleaner absorb dust of groove and crevice of the door.
2. While cleaning the aluminium alloy door and window, do not stand yourself on the aluminum window frame, also do not pull the frame as support.
3. Aluminum alloy doors and Windows can use soft cloth dipped in water or neutral detergent, do not use plain soap and detergent, more can't use household cleanser and wash toilet fine such as strong acid and alkali cleaner.
4. After the rain, should be timely wiped dry wet glass and door window frame, pay special attention to wiped dry chute with water. Chute with long using, friction increase, can add a little oil or coating a layer of wax oil fire.
5. Should often check the connection of the aluminum alloy frame, timely festdrehen the bolts, replace the damaged parts. Positioning pin, the wind brace, floor spring, such as aluminum alloy doors and Windows of damageable parts, check often, add lubricating oil regularly to keep clean and flexible.
6. Seal wool top and glass glue sealing is the key structure to ensure the doors and Windows sealed heat preservation, if it has come off it has to repair and change in time.
7. Check juncture of aluminum alloy frame wall frequently, with the passing of time if there are any loose easily will deform the overall framework, not closing and sealing the doors and windows. So if the screw of joint loosening should be immediately fastening, if screw  footing loosening, should sealing with the epoxy super glue mix a small amount of cement.

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