The Method of Aluminum Doors and Windows Choose and Buy
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The Method of Aluminum Doors and Windows Choose and Buy

Compared the characteristics of aluminum alloy doors and Windows with the steel doors and Windows, aluminum doors and windows has the following advantages:
1. Light weight, high strength. Density is only the l / 3 of steel.
2. Sealed performance is good. Airtight performance directly affects the use of doors and windows function and energy consumption. Airtight performance including air tightness, water tightness, thermal insulation and sound insulation sex four aspects.
3. Good durability, convenient on using and maintenance. Aluminum alloy doors and windows do not rust, do not fade, do not fall off, almost no need of maintenance, spare parts service life is very long.
4. Elegant decorative effect. Surface of the aluminum alloy doors and windows have artificial oxide film and coloring form into composite membrane layer, this kind of composite membrane not only corrosion resistance, wear-resistant, fire force to a certain extent, and lustrousness is extremely high. Aluminum alloy doors and Windows because of the light weight, processing and assembling precision, accurate, can open and close flexible, convenient and  without noise.

Aluminium alloy material such as doors and windows appear deformation, push-pull fixed phenomenon are common occurance. When consumer choose and buy, should note the followings:
1. Thickness: Aluminium alloy sliding door has 70 series, 90 series two kinds, residential interior can use 70 series aluminium alloy sliding door.  Series number express frame structure size of the millimeter thickness. Aluminum alloy sliding window has 55 series, 60 series, 70 series and 90 series. Series to choose should according to humanly scaled size and local wind pressure value. Aluminum alloy sliding window used in a closed balcony should not be less than 70 series.
2. Strength: Tensile strength should achieve 157 Newton every square millimeter, yield strength should achieve every square millimeter 108 Newton. When choose and buy, can use a hand moderately bending the profile, should be able to back to original state after let go.
3. Color: The same aluminum profile root color should be consistent, if the color is obviously different, namely, unfavorably choose and buy.
4. Flatness: Check the surface of extruded aluminium sections, should be no sunken or bloat.
5. Glossiness: Aluminium windows and doors should avoid to choose and buy which has open bubble(white point) and ash clinker(black point), and crack, burr, peeling, etc patent defect profiles.
6. The oxidation degree: The thickness of oxide film should up to 10 microns. When the choose and buy you can scratch one time lightly on the surface of the profile, see if the oxide film on the surface can be erase.

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